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10 People who became Overnight Stars on Social Media

Here are 10 people who became overnight stars on social media.


Gone are the days when you needed a lot of research for tracking someone down. Today any person, anywhere, is just a click away.

We have heard many struggle stories of our beloved actors, who went from small town to big cities in search of work, gave audition after audition and have years of hard work behind their success. But today’s tale is different, social media has acted as a boon for many, giving them instant fame and success.

Here are 10 people who made it big overnight



  • Priya Prakash Varrier

This Malayalam actress became on overnight internet sensation with just a wink. Priya Varrier gained massive popularity when a video clip from her film ‘Oru Adaar Love’ went viral. In this song video she is flirting back with her hero with a series of cute expression. Her wink went so viral that she gained 1.3 million followers in a day on Instagram.




  • Charlie D’ Amelio

This 16 year old social media personality made it big on the internet by posting dancing videos on the TikTok app. It started when she posted a duet video with moveitlikejoey and within a hour and a half the video had 50,000 likes. Currently her TikTok account boasts a massive following of 78 million.


  • Dhinchak Pooja

No one can forget the sensational music videos by Dhinhak Pooja like Swag wali topi, selfie maine leli aaj, Bapoo dede thoda cash, Darru and Dilon ka Shooter. Her songs attracted more than 103 million views on youtube. She then also went on to participate in the reality show Big Boss in 2017.


  • Baddie Winkle

She is a baddie at the age of 90!  Helen Ruth popularly known as Baddie Winkle is a living example of the phrase that ‘age is just a number’. Her social media tag line “stealing your man since 1928” (1928 being her birth year) is quite attractive. With about 3.7 million followers on her Instagram handle, Winkle’s aim is to encourage body positivity and inner beauty. She posts photos and videos of herself in quirky and eccentric clothing to celebrate the bodies of old people.


  • Ahmad Shah Pathan

Kids do always win our hearts! This adorable kid from Pakistan popularly known as Pathan ka Baccha became famous for his ‘piche dekho piche’ video. His video gained immense popularity on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram, making him famous.


  • Nusret Gokce

Nicknamed as Salt Bae, this Turkish chef became gained popularity when his technique for preparing and seasoning meat became an internet sensation. Nusret owns the restaurant Nusr-Et. His technique for sprinkling salt was turned into a famous internet meme. He now has 29.6 million followers on Instagram.


  • Phillipe Dumas

This 60 year old model from Paris made it big on the internet with his style and looks. His fashion sense and good looks won many hearts all around the world. He currently has 42,000 followers on Instagram.


  • Mikhail Varshavski

Popularly known as Doctor Mike, this family medicine doctor became a sensation after being featured in the “Sexiest Doctor Alive” in 2015. He now posts medically themed entertainment videos on his YouTube channel


  • Sven Otten

Also known as JustSomeMotion, this by took the internet by storm by his cool dance moves. A self-taught dancer, Sven recorded a dance video in his room and got 48 million views. His dance moves include upbeat movements with unique steps and fast leg movements.


  • Cindy Kimberley

A beautiful model from Netherlands, Cindy rose to fame when Justin Bieber posted her photo with the caption ‘OMG who is this’. Because of a single post from Justin Bieber Cindy is now a successful model.