US lawmaker Ilhan Omar breeches India’s territorial integrity

Ilhan Omar met with former PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan in PoK which raised sparks in India.


A US lawmaker Ilhan Omar met with Imran Khan former PM of Pakistan in PoK on Thursday. This being an unofficial meet and purely personal meet raised brows in India, however, Biden Administration clarified her actions do not represent the US government in any manner.


India criticized Ilhan Omar’s visit to Imran Khan in PoK and said it was a clear violation of India’s territorial sovereignty and integrity, and shows that her spectrum is quite narrow-minded when it comes to politics. Ilhan Omar is on a 4-day visit to Pakistan which commenced on April 20th.


Ilhan Omar post her visit to PoK said, “Kashmir must get its due recognition from the US and the issue of Kashmir must be raised in Congress more often as I feel it’s not being discussed to an optimum level.”


Her visit and her comments were strongly condemned by the Indian government and Arindam Bagchi (EAM spokesperson) responded, “I can only say that I am surprised to find a politician with such a narrow outlook if she wants to practice politics at such mediocre level it’s her choice.”


Bagchi further added, “How can a US lawmaker not remember the basics of territorial integrity and sovereignty? We condemn her visit to PoK.”


Ilhan Omar is part of President Joe Biden’s Democratic Party and is a Somali-American by descent. Her visit to Islamabad comes right after the new government was formed recently after Imran Khan was ousted. Her visit to Imran Khan’s residence was not at all appreciated as the former PM had alleged that the US conspired to oust him and dismantle his government.


Ilhan Omar’s visit was questioned by India and the US clarified calmly and stated, “Ilhan Omar’s visit to Pakistan was not decided by the US State Department, her visit is personal and she went on her own. That is all we have to say.”

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