Some of the important events between 1947-1987 in the Indian history

Let us experience the journey between 1947-1987 of independent India.

A timeline of the crucial political incidents that have constructed Indian politics and democracy in 75 years of independence. Let us experience the journey between 1947-1987 of independent India. India has come a protracted way from the nation the British departed in 1947, and which they speculated (and hoped) would not withstand in its then phase. India has since unfolded into an energetic democracy and made unexpected impressions in numerous realms. India achieved independence from British rule in 1947. Then, India fought its first battle with Pakistan after Pakistani tribesmen aided by the army invaded Jammu and Kashmir. In 1948, Nathuram Godse assassinated Mahatma Gandhi. In the same year, Indian troops arrived in the Nizam-ruled dignified state of Hyderabad under Operation Polo and united the state. The Indian Constituent Assembly approves Article 370 of the Constitution, guaranteeing particular stature and inner liberation for Jammu and Kashmir in 1949.

Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru inaugurates India’s first five-year plan, which specifies the Nehruvian model of centralized monetary planning and advancement. The Soviet-style five-year plan also develops a mainly Indian model of hybrid economy and huge administration. In 1952, India carries its first widespread elections. The second five-year plan was proposed, with an emphasis on immediate mechanization in 1956. After some time, Jammu and Kashmir authorize their own constitution, designed on the chains of India’s legislation. In 1959, The Dalai Lama flees to India. Tibetan spiritual administrator’s temporary residence is seen as a stimulus for the 1962 conflict with China. Bombay state is halved along with lingual cords, constructing Maharashtra and Gujarat, after a continuation of brutal revolts. In 1961, the Indian Army extricates Goa from the Portuguese; it evolves as a Union Territory. China’s People’s Liberation Army seizes India across the McMahon Line in the then North-East Frontier Agency (now Arunachal Pradesh), and in Ladakh, causing enormous destruction on Indian forces in 1962. Jammu and Kashmir National Liberation Front glid to begin an armed effort for an autonomous and united Kashmir. In 1965, India and Pakistan fought for Kashmir for the second time. Now it is the turn of Punjab, it gets divided into three states along with verbal differentiation- Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana. Putting the institution of the Green Revolution, farmers plant the initial harvest of high-yielding wheat. In 1970, Meghalaya was formed as an independent state within Assam. In 1971, another grandeur event happened and that was the third war between India and Pakistan that led to the breakdown of East Pakistan and Bangladesh was born as an autonomous country.


In 1975, the field of expression, Journalism, came under threat as the Congress government imposed an emergency. This crisis was going on till 1977. The center got its first non-congress government. India was about to jump into the race of becoming a developed country. Economic reform began in 1980. The consequences of the emergency were witnessed by Indira Gandhi in 1984 as she got assassinated by two of her bodyguards. The Bhopal Gas tragedy is one of the most brutal situations encountered by Indians till now. Almost 3500 people died and 500000 people got injured following the leakage of deadly methyl isocyanate.

These are some of the important events that happened between 1947- 1987.