Six arrested in connection with viral video case in Manipur; Outrage grows amid ongoing ethnic violence

After a shocking viral video of two women being paraded naked in Manipur on May 4, six suspects, including a minor, have been arrested, while authorities continue efforts to apprehend others involved.

Manipur: The Manipur Police made a significant breakthrough in the case of the viral video showing two women being paraded naked on May 4, as they arrested another suspect on Saturday. This recent arrest brings the total number of apprehensions to six, with five considered primary suspects in the harrowing incident. Notably, among those arrested is one juvenile.

The incident, which sparked widespread condemnation and outrage across the country, involved the sexual assault of one of the women during the disturbing parading incident. The first arrest in connection with the case was made the following day when a man, identified as a member of the mob involved in the act, was apprehended for his involvement in the violence.


In the wake of the video’s emergence, the alleged main accused was arrested on Thursday, further fueling public anger over the disturbing incident. The police continue their efforts to track down the remaining culprits, conducting raids at suspected hideouts in a determined bid for justice.

The May 4 incident occurred amidst the backdrop of ongoing ethnic violence in Manipur, with over 160 deaths and numerous injuries reported since May 3. The ethnic tension erupted in response to the ‘Tribal Solidarity March,’ a protest organized by the hill districts against the Meitei community’s demand for Scheduled Tribe (ST) status.

The Meitei community, comprising approximately 53% of Manipur’s population and residing primarily in the Imphal Valley, has been at the center of this demand, while tribal groups, including Nagas and Kukis, accounting for 40%, reside primarily in the hill districts.

The disturbing video that surfaced on May 4 drew immense public attention, highlighting the severity of the situation and prompting swift action from the authorities. An FIR was filed in connection with the incident on June 21, further fueling public calls for justice and accountability.

The incident has raised serious questions about communal harmony and safety in the region, igniting debates about social justice and the need for measures to prevent such atrocities in the future.

As investigations continue and arrests are made, the authorities and the public alike eagerly await justice for the victims, hoping for a significant step towards healing the wounds caused by the horrifying incident and finding a lasting solution to the ethnic tensions that continue to plague Manipur.