Telangana: Story of BJP leader Venkata Raman Reddy who defeated both CM KCR and ‘future CM’ Revanth Reddy

Congress has won the Telangana Assembly elections, but BJP’s Kattipalli Venkata Raman Reddy has emerged as the new strongman in the high voltage elections. Telangana CM and Congress CM candidate Revanth Reddy both contested from two seats each, but both had to face defeat in Kamareddy.

After the big victory in Telangana, Congress is going to form the government in the state. Congress state president Revanth Reddy has emerged as the new hero while BJP’s Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy is the new strongman. This BJP candidate has defeated both the current Telangana CM K Chandrashekhar Rao (KCR) and A Revanth Reddy, who is being seen as the future CM.

On the victory of Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju posted his photo on social media platform X and wrote that the victory of this great man should be discussed. BJP’s Kattipalli Venkata Ramana defeated both current Telangana CM KCR and Congress CM candidate Revanth Reddy from Kamareddy assembly seat. This is a big victory which is not even being discussed.


KCR Missed up

Kamareddy seat in North Telangana had come into discussion due to the entry of Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao and then Revanth Reddy. In the contest between two stalwarts, BJP candidate Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy has won from here. He defeated current CM KCR by more than three thousand votes, while Revanth Reddy stood third on this seat. BRS candidate Gampa Gorvadhan had won this seat in the 2018 elections. Earlier in the 2014 elections also, Congress had won from here, but in 2023 BJP captured this seat.

Who is Kattipalli Venkata Ramana Reddy?

Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy is 53 years old and a businessman by profession. He has studied only till 12th class. According to the assets declared in the elections, he has assets worth about Rs 50 crore. Businessman-turned-politician Reddy has created a sensation by defeating both the CM and the future CM of the state. Reddy has 11 criminal cases registered against him but he has built many schools and hospitals in Kamareddy assembly constituency.This is the reason why he defeated two big criminals. He has also previously been in-charge of BJP Kamareddy Assembly and Nizamabad District Panchayat President.

What is the caste status of the seat? 

Talking about Kamareddy seat, the population of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe here is 14.73 and 4.67 percent respectively. The literacy rate here is around 49 percent. Kattipalli Venkata Raman Reddy is a resident of this place, he has built hospitals, schools and temples here with his own money. This is the reason why Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy emerged as Baahubali in the great fight of Kamareddy. Katipalli Venkata Raman Reddy has dedicated his victory to the people after the counting of assembly elections was completed. He has written that this victory belongs to all the people of Kamareddy constituency.

Revanth and KCR won from other places 

While KCR is from undivided Medak district, Revanth Reddy comes from undivided Mahabubnagar district. However, both KCR and Revanth Reddy have been elected from their home constituencies Gajwel and Kodangal respectively. While KCR was elected from Gajwel for the third consecutive time, Revanth Reddy emerged victorious from Kodangal. In 2018, he had to face defeat on this seat.