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‘PM Modi puts money in Adani’s pocket’: Rahul Gandhi holds first poll rally of Rajasthan in Churu

Rahul Gandhi also mentioned the seven guarantees promised by the Congress party, by saying that these to be immediately implemented if voted to power.

After being questioned about the Rajasthan visit, Rahul Gandhi finally addressed the people of Rajasthan on November 16. Rahul Gandhi started his day by addressing the people of Churu, Rajasthan.

Here, Rahul Gandhi attacked PM Modi’s relation with Adani, “PM Modi privatizes schools, colleges and hospitals and gives the entire benefit to the billionaires. Modi ji brought agricultural law and said that farmers will benefit, but all the farmers of the country sat on strike against it. Farmers said — This is not our law, this is Adani-Ambani’s law. In the end, Congress together with the farmers abolished this black law,” said Gandhi.


Further lashing out at BJP, Rahul Gandhi said: “At the time of Corona, people were dying all over the country, there was no medicine, there was no oxygen. Then Modi ji told you – turn on the mobile light, play the thali. But there was Bhilwara model in Rajasthan. Food packets and medicines were being provided at home because we run a government of the poor.”

“Modi ji cancelled the old pension, but in Rajasthan we are going to make OPS law. We have benefited crores of people through the inflation relief camp. , we put money in the public’s pockets,” added Rahul Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi counts on improvement done by his government in the Congress-bound states and says: “Immediately after the last elections, our government was formed in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. I had told the three Chief Ministers that we have to put the same amount of public money that BJP has given to billionaires into the public’s pockets. Under ‘Chiranjeevi Yojana’ of Rajasthan, treatment is provided to the public for free. So imagine – how much money would have been saved for poor families.”

He further mentioned about the 7 guarantees to be immediately implemented by its win in the state, “7 guarantees of Congress for Rajasthan- 10 thousand rupees every year to the female head of the family,  LPG cylinder for Rs 500,  Disaster relief insurance of Rs 15 lakh,  English medium school for all children,  Free laptop/tablet to students studying in government schools, OPS law for government employees and  Bought cow dung for Rs 2/kg.”

Seeking votes for his party in the state, Rahul Gandhi said: “The Congress government of Rajasthan has done a lot of work for you. Be it health services, old pension scheme or women’s welfare. But remember — If BJP government comes to power in Rajasthan, it will end everything and start helping billionaires. If you vote for Congress then the poor, farmers, labourers and small traders will benefit.”

The election in Rajasthan is scheduled to be held on November 25 to elect all 200 members of the state’s Legislative Assembly. The result of elections is scheduled to be declared on December 3, 2023.