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Pakistan PM Khan’s close aide made a secret visit to Israel, suggest reports

An anonymous report said Sayed Zulfi Bukhari who lives in the United Kingdom arrived at ben Gurion airport from Islamabad on a connecting flight for London in the last week of November taking the advantage of the British passport.

According to a Israeli media report, The Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan had made a secret visit to Israel last November for a meeting with the foreign ministry officials and the Mossad chief.

The British Pakistani businessman Sayed Bukhari who served as Khan’s special assistant on overseas Pakistan till may 2021 conveyed a message from the Pakistani premier to the foreign ministry of Israel officials and another message from Pakistan army Chief F2 then Israeli spy chief Yossi Cohen.

The businessman Bukhari denied the report in a tweet saying that he did not go to Israel. The funniest part about this is that the Pakistani papers say that he went to Israel based on Israeli news source and the Israeli newspaper say that he went to Israel based on Pakistani sources he wonders who this imaginative Pakistani source was.

During December 2020, Israel Hayom reported that a secret visit to Israel by a senior advisor to the leader of the large Muslim majority country e had met despite of the two countries having no diplomatic relationships at this time the newspaper didn’t name the Muslim country which was involved.

Later it was identified that the country was Pakistan after getting the clearance from the Israeli military censor. The Pakistani officials had come against the backdrop of the Muslim countries such as United Arab Emirates Sudan Morocco and Bahrain for normalising relations with Israel and a debate within the diplomatic circle and reevaluating the country’s position on Israel.

In an interview in August last year the Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan held said that they cannot ever accept Israel as long as Palestinians are not given their rights and there is no just settlements