Mizoram Election 2023: Read highlights from the polling day

Chief Minister Zoramthanga reached polling booth 19-Aizawl Venglai-I YMA Hall early in the morning to exercise his franchise.

Voting was completed peacefully in Mizoram on Tuesday. There is no report of any untoward incident from anywhere. With this, the fate of 174 candidates of the state has been sealed in the EVM machines. The results will come on December 3. 1276 polling stations were set up for the 40-member assembly, where 8.57 lakh voters cast their votes.

This time, triangular competition was seen at many places and quadrangular competition at many places. Whereas in many places in Aizawl, direct competition was seen between MNF and ZPM.


On Tuesday, Mizoram recorded 78 percent voting across the state. Now this voting percentage is expected to increase further. People started reaching the polling stations even before seven in the morning. By 3 pm, about 70 percent voting had taken place in various parts of the state, including the state capital, Aizawl. Initially, a complaint of machine malfunction was received at one polling station.

As expected, voting in Mizoram was conducted peacefully on Tuesday amid tight security arrangements. No untoward incident was reported from anywhere. Since voting here was to be held till 4 pm, people started arriving even before the voting started at 7 am. State Chief Minister Zoramthanga was also among those who reached the polling stations early in the morning.

Everyone praised the patience of the CM

Chief Minister Zoramthanga reached polling booth 19-Aizawl Venglai-I YMA Hall early in the morning to exercise his franchise. But due to a malfunction in the Electronic Voting Machine (EVM), he had to wait for some time. Zoramthanga said, despite waiting for a while, the malfunctioning EVM could not be repaired. Due to which he had to postpone his vote till after the morning meal. Despite all this, the way he responded to this problem is being praised everywhere. People are also praising his patience.

Everyone claimed victory 

MNF, Congress and ZPM, claiming their respective victories, have talked about forming the government in the state. On the other hand, BJP has said that it is difficult to form a government in the state this time without the support of BJP.

MNF will return to power: Zoramthanga

Mizoram Chief Minister and MNF (Mizo National Front) president Zoramthanga exercised his franchise as polling stations opened in the state elections. He cast his vote at polling station 19-Aizawl Venglai-I YMA Hall. He ruled out the possibility of a hung assembly, where the MNF would secure a comfortable majority and his party would return to power.

There is no question of ifs and buts, Congress will form the government: Lal Sawta 

State Congress President Lal Sawta cast his vote in the afternoon. Talking to journalists after voting, he said he is confident that Congress will perform well in this election and will form the government. He said, Congress is getting the support of the people of Mizoram this time. In response to a question, Lalsawta said, we are contesting elections to form the government. This time there is no question of any ifs and buts.

Government in Mizoram left on its own: Lalduhoma

Zoram People’s Movement chief and chief ministerial candidate Lalduhoma has said that he is confident that the party is going to form the government on its own. Lalduhoma said, “They (MNF and Congress) are not confident. There is no confidence in their hearts at all. This time, people’s love for ZPM is visible. People are openly supporting us. People know that the ZPM is going to form the government.

MNF Rajya Sabha MP contests to become MLA 

This time, MNF has fielded its Rajya Sabha member K Vanlalvena in the assembly elections. K Vanlalvena said he is confident that he will win. He is getting full support in his area. Wherever he went, everyone was happy with his good work, he said. He said he will solve the development and employment problems of the constituency.