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Meeting between PM Modi and Gupkar Alliance in Kashmir has many fingers crossed on it

The Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration, famously known as the (PAGD) will be attending  a meeting with the Indian Prime Minister Modi on coming Thursday, in a debate which was to be conducted amongst them. The agenda and topic of the debate was how to read the Centre’s apparent the “walk back” which had taken place after 2 years of the abrogation of J&K and the constant denigration ever since its happening.

The PAGD leader said and I quote, “There is no immediate local compulsion for the Centre to make any amends to the policy unveiled and implemented since August 5,” after saying this statement he didn’t want himself to be identified. There were several key leaders who had disagreed and were also jailed and silenced. Due to such reasons they had to take unilateral decisions based on their ideological projects. The public outrage had not yet hindered them up till now.


This leader added ahead to his statements that the Chinese had entered the arena there and there has been a significant change of regime in the US whose troops withdrawal from Afghanistan is now become a reality. There was a large chance that the Taliban would be back in Kabul. USA needs a strong presence in Pakistan in order to calls for calming of its temper in Southern Asia.

In the following context, the leader also referred that the Delhi-Islamabad is back-channel facilitated under the power of United Arab Emirates and has a subsequent amount of series of reconciliatory signals coming from Pakistan, which is unconditional ceasefire along the LOC.

The PAGD leader continued with,“ There will be an elected CM, a local face in J&K while power remains with the unelected LG…The Centre wants to normalize the changes they brought in.”