Karnataka BJP MLAs to meet today to choose a new Chief Minister

As per reports, the legislative party of the Karnataka BJP is scheduled to meet this evening to select the a chief minister.

As per reports, the legislative party of the Karnataka BJP is scheduled to meet this evening to elect a chief minister. BS Yediyurappa who was the chief minister of the state resigned from his position in the last evening, following weeks of suspense.

As of now, the BJP has deputed two union minister namely, Dharmendra Pradhan and G Kisan Reddy as the central observers for the meeting to be held around 7 pm.


According to sources cited by ‘NDTV’ both the leaders are on their way to Bengaluru and are set to attend the meeting along with Arun Singh, the BJP’s state in-charge.

BS Raghvendra, party MP and son of Mr Yediyurappa on being asked who is likely to be picked for the position responded, ‘too early to say’.

He added, “The BJP’s decisions can never be foretold. For Example, Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh, Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra. Even the cabinet reshuffle was done based on several parameters. So it’s difficult to say.”

He further pointed that it is only yesterday that the resignation took place. The High Command is in a discussion to see who can head Karnataka. It will happen, he affirmed.

Following two years in office, Mr Yediyurappa submitted his resignation to the governor Thawar Chand Gehlot at Raj Bhavan in the last evening.

Lingayat strongman who spearheaded the BJP’s arrival in south India, expressed he quit “voluntarily” and further added that he will continue to be active in the state politics.

Mr Raghavendra on being questioned about the role that Mr Yediyurappa’s children will perform in the cabinet once a new chief minister is declared, he replied, “When Yediyurappa has no role in the cabinet, what are you asking about his children?” He added, Yediyurappa has said that he will be supporting the party in its way ahead and he has no role in electoral politics. The party will decide on each role.