Inaugurating the new Parliament, P Chidambaram said, "PM Modi has opened his personal project" | Business Upturn

Inaugurating the new Parliament, P Chidambaram said, “PM Modi has opened his personal project”

P Chidambaram, a former union minister and prominent congressman, mocked the prime minister by calling the opening of the new parliament building his “personal project.”

On Sunday, Prime Minister Modi officially opened the new Parliament building.

According to Chidambaram, the PM’s personal project is the opening of the new Parliament House, which he said will take place soon.

As a pet project of the honourable Prime Minister, the plan was to inaugurate the parliament building. According to Article 79 of the Constitution, the Parliament is made up of three members. President is the first, followed by Lok Sabha, and Rajya Sabha is the third, said Chidambaram.

“It’s irrelevant whether or not the building will open. As soon as the session of Parliament starts, it will be clear if the chamber will be open to free speech, open debate, the defence of opinions, and the voice of the opposition.

Additionally, he charged that President Droupadi Murmu was not invited by the administration to the new Parliament House’s opening ceremony.

“The President and the two houses of the Parliament shall constitute the Parliament. Thus, the Parliament is made up of three members. The President is the first, followed by the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. I believe they have violated article 79 by excluding the President and almost all of the opposition parties, Chidambaram said ANI.

Let’s wait and watch what happens in 2024, Chidambaram stated in response to the discussion of “Sengol.” In Karnataka, the BJP established some roots, but they were pulled out. I don’t believe the BJP will ever establish roots in Tamil Nadu since it hasn’t done so yet.

Prime Minister Modi stressed on Sunday that the new Parliament House will draw inspiration for world growth from India’s success in his first speech given at the facility following its inauguration.

According to PM Modi, the world respects and holds out hope for India because of its tenacity, its people, and the vitality of human force there.

“When India advances, so does the rest of the globe. The Prime Minister stated that the new India is achieving new objectives and constructing new roads, emphasising that new models can only be built by travelling new paths.

PM Modi remarked, “Amrit Kaal is an era of creating new dimensions of progress while maintaining our past. After years of enslavement, India started its journey and reached Amrit Kaal. This is Amrit Kaal’s attempt to steer the country in a new path. This is Amrit Kaal, the embodiment of achieving many goals, he declared.

“When a nation like India, which is diverse, has a sizable population, and overcomes several obstacles by moving forward with conviction, it serves as an example for many other nations in the globe. In the coming days, every success of India would become a success for other nations in other areas of the world, he said. The Prime Minister emphasised that while India continues to strive for development, many other nations would be strengthened by it, increasing its responsibilities.

“There is a fresh passion, zealousness, excitement, pondering, and trip. According to PM Modi, there are new views, orientations, resolutions, and a new trust.

The prime minister referred to the heyday of India’s wealth and construction. He said that the long history of slavery deprived us of this splendour. According to the prime minister, India in the twenty-first century is confident.
888 members of the Lok Sabha will be able to sit in the new Parliament building. There are spaces set up in the current Parliament building for 543 Lok Sabha members and 250 Rajya Sabha members.

In order to accommodate future needs, plans have been created for a meeting of the 888 Lok Sabha members and the 384 Rajya Sabha members in the Parliament’s newly built structure. The Lok will host both Houses’ combined session.