Government directs Twitter to remove ‘manipulated media’ tag from tweets about a toolkit

The central government has directed Twitter to remove all the tweets containing ‘manipulated media’ related to the toolkit. It is alleged that Congress has prepared the toolkit with a view to denigrating the government’s image during the Covid crisis.

The central government, on Friday, has asked Twitter to brush aside the tweets consisting of ‘manipulated media’ tags that pertain to a toolkit allegedly prepared by Congress with a view to throwing brickbats at the center over the Covid-19 pandemic, informs the IT ministry.

The government sources say that the tags were affixed prejudicially and hence, it has asked the microblogging site to remove those tags in the name of ‘fairness & equity’.


“This action not only dilutes the credibility of Twitter but also puts a question mark on the status of Twitter as an intermediary”, said the sources, as quoted by the Times of India.

The ruling party BJP has been attacking Congress over the entire toolkit that contains some contentious contents regarding the government’s role during the Covid pandemic.

Several leaders of the BJP, including Sambit Patra, have been coming up with numerous tweets attacking Congress over the toolkit.

Meanwhile, Congress has been quite tenacious with the statement that the toolkit documents disseminated by the BJP are ‘fake’.