Election results 2023: Who are probable CM candidates for BJP in Chhattisgarh?

All eyes are fixated on Chhattisgarh’s assembly elections as the leading seats trend has been showing a huge sway. The day started with Congress leading ahead of BJP, only for the latter to fight back and grasp the number one spot.

As of the current trend, BJP is leading on 53 seats with 46 required for majority. It is expected that the central government party will oust Congress’ Bhupesh Baghel from Chhattisgarh as it paints the state saffron.


Dr Raman Singh

If the party does come into power, one of the most prominent Chief Minister candidate would be Dr Raman Singh, who has earlier served the post. Dr Singh is leading in his Rajnandgaon constituency and is pitted against Congress’ Girish Dewangan. This constituency has been considered as Dr Singh’s stronghold as he has been elected from the same constituency for the past three consecutive terms.

Arun Sao

Another candidate whose name is being considered for CM post is Arun Sao. He is leading the race in Lormi constituency with a margin of 9,106 votes. While his rival from Congress has bagged 9,029 votes, Sao has taken a comfortable lead with 18,135 votes.

Omprakash Chaudhary

BJP candidate, who is popularly known as OP Chaudhary, is leading in his Raigarh constituency with a substantial margin of 23,142 votes. He is in the race against Prakash Shakrajeet Naik of Congress. While the votes are still being counted, the reports have suggested that Chaudhary is being considered for CM post as well.

Ram Vichar Netam

Another BJP candidate, who is also an aspirant for the chief minister’s post, Ram Vichar Netam inches close to the victory as he has taken a margin of 15,965 votes against Congress’ Dr Ajay Kumar Tirkey.