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‘Diary is red, actions are black’: PM Modi attacks CM Ashok Gehlot in Rajasthan’s Pilibanga

PM Modi also attacked the Congress party of giving Padma awards to those who were closed to them before 2014. 

Once again, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has attacked Rajasthan’s Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot over the Red Diary issue. On Monday, PM Modi addressed an election rally in Pilibanga, Rajasthan, where he said that the entire story of Rajasthan’s government is mentioned in the Red Diary.

“Before 2014, the money of honest taxpayers was looted in scams and the poor middle class got nothing. The entire story of what has happened here in Rajasthan in the last 5 years is written in the Lal Diary. The diary is red, the actions are black,” said PM Modi.


“On one side is the service spirit of your servant (PM Modi refering to himself) and on the other side is the looting system of the Congress government in Rajasthan,” added PM Modi.

“Farmers, employees and businessmen of Rajasthan all paid taxes honestly. But in return they got bad roads, streets, drains, lack of electricity and water, back-breaking inflation and unemployment. The money, which should have been used for the welfare of the poor, middle class and farmers, was looted by the MLAs and ministers,” said PM Modi in Pilibanga.

PM Modi also alleged that Congress is promoting drug smugglers in Rajasthan.

“Wherever Congress is in power, its priority is corruption and nepotism. Congress is never concerned about your needs. Now Congress is also promoting drug smugglers in Rajasthan,” said PM Modi.

“This addiction will destroy not only our children but also our future, it will ruin every family. I assure you that as soon as the BJP government is formed here, such action will be taken against drug smugglers that even other people will shudder after hearing and seeing them,” added PM Modi.

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PM Modi also attacked the Congress party of giving Padma awards to those who were closed to them before 2014.

“Even before 2014, Padma awards were given in our country. But then these honours were given to those who had access to people in power. After 2014, only those people who work dedicatedly for the welfare of the poorest of the poor, the mankind and the society in villages, rural areas and forests, receive the Padma Award,” said PM Modi.

Well, the upcoming state assembly elections in Rajasthan are scheduled to take place on November 25, in a single phase, followed by the counting of votes and declaration of results on December 3.