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BJP MLC says BS Yediyurappa lacks ‘spirit and courage’ to stay chief minister

BS Yediyurappa, batting dissent in Karnataka, has been pronounced as “lacking spirit or courage” to continue as Chief Minister in the latest attack from a party colleague. BJP leader H Vishwanath has shared his damning feedback with Karnataka in-charge Arun Singh, who is meeting with MLAs and others to assess the extent of the crisis in the state unit.

H Vishwanath, a member of the state legislative council (MLC), has made several serious allegations against Mr Yediyurappa. “We respect the leadership and contribution of Yediyurappaji. But now he has not got that spirit, that strength to run the government because of the age and health factor,” he said.

“All ministers are unhappy with the Yediyurappa government,” he said after his meeting with Arun Singh.

Mr Vishwanath also alleged “continuous interference” by the Yediyurappa family in the state government and administration. “In all the departments, his son’s interference is more,” he remarked.

The BJP leader also alleged that land was leased to private companies at a throwaway price and hit out at the Chief Minister over irrigation projects worth Rs 20,000 Crore being sanctioned without a board meeting.

Mr Vishwanath, a former JDS MLA, had revolted against then Chief Minister HD Kumaraswami and his father and party chief HD Deve Gowda to join the BJP. But he lost the by-election to the seat he vacated and lost out on a ministry, unlike comrades who were rewarded for their role in bringing the BJP to power.

Arun Singh’s chats with party leaders come at a time Mr Yeiyurappa is facing increasingly pungent attacks from his party colleagues. Several MLAs have been openly critical of their own Chief Minister.