Bihar Election Results 2020: Margin of less than 500 votes in 30 seats & 1000 votes in 55 seats

The battlefield of Bihar Assembly Elections is experiencing a very tight fight. There are 30 seats in the Bihar assembly where the margin is less than 500 votes and 55 seats where the margin is less than 1000. The early trends of 242 seats out of a total of 243 seats of Bihar assembly have arrived. The Bhartiya Janta Party is the single largest party having the lead on 71 seats of the state assembly. While RJD comes after BJP having the lead on 59 seats. The JDU is not too much behind, it is leading on 52 seats. The Indian Nation Congress has a lead on 21 seats.

However, the Tejashwi led RJD has got a maximum percent of vote share having 23.1% of total votes counted. BJP is not too far behind in terms of vote share percentage having a 20.01% share of total votes counted.


Bihar is a battlefield where major parties had to make alliances. There are two major alliances in the election having NDA led by 3 times Bihar CM and JDU’s prominent leader Nitish Kumar. The second one is the grand alliance formed by RJD, Congress, and some left parties and led by chief ministerial candidate Tejashwi Yadav of RJD.