Bengal Elections 2021: “Didi ruled in Bengal for 10 years by saying ‘Ma Mati Manush’ but now she keeps saying ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’,” said PM Modi in Bardhaman

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Bardhaman in West Bengal ahead remaining phases of polls.

On Monday, April 12, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrives at Bardhaman in West Bengal, to address a public rally amid remaining phases of Bengal elections.

While addressing the rally in Bardhaman, PM Narendra Modi said “Didi’s bitterness and anger are increasing daily. You have eliminated TMC in just 4 phases of polls. You have hit so many 4s, 6s that BJP has already scored a century. Those who were thinking of playing khela with you had to face khela themselves. Won’t Didi be angry then.”


Narendra Modi further targets Mamata Banerjee and TMC by saying– “Didi’s people abuse Bengal’s SC community and call them beggars. Baba Sahab’s soul would be hurt by hearing such bitter words. Didi calls herself ‘Royal Bengal Tiger’. Such comments on SCs cannot be given by any TMC leader without Didi’s will.”

“Didi o didi, if you want to unload your anger, I am here. Abuse me all you want. But don’t insult Bengal’s dignity and tradition. Bengal won’t tolerate your arrogance, tolabaaz, cut money syndicate because people want ‘asol poribartan’ now,” as said by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Bardhaman, quotes ANI.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi further added– “Didi ruled in Bengal for 10 years in the name of ‘Ma Mati Manush’ but she keeps saying ‘Modi, Modi, Modi’ in rallies these days. Didi has only created a mess in the name of governance.”

Narendra Modi also shared the pain of losing Shobha Mazumdar, during elections and said– “The cruelty with which she was beaten by TMC goons is a picture we can never forget.”

While addressing rally in Bardhaman, Narendra Modi said, “That brave police officer, who had come to Bengal on duty two days ago, was beaten to death. When his mother saw his body, she also succumbed. Didi, is that officer’s mother not a mother for you? No mother in Bengal knew how harsh and ruthless you are,” as quoted by ANI.


Narendra Modi also targets Mamata Banerjee’s governance and adds, “The government here could not even properly maintain the canals built in the early years of independence. It has been never priorities of Mamata Didi in favour of Building new canals.”

On April 11, Election Commission banned entry of all politicians in Cooch Behar district of West Bengal for next 72 hours to prevent all unlawful activities and prevent violence.

Election Commission had also directed Ministry of Home Affairs to deploy 71 more CAPF companies for upcoming four phases of elections in the West Bengal. In the fourth phase of the elections, a total of five persons were killed, including four in alleged firing by Central Reserve Force personnel.