PM Narendra Modi’s post for Rajkot fire incident comes under scrutiny on X

Prime Minister Narendra Modi took to his official X handle, formerly known as Twitter, to share the update regarding the recent chaos which has erupted in Rajkot, Gujarat. A massive fire engulfed in game arcade area of the city, which has claimed lives of at least 24, including several children.

The PM, while addressing the incident, mentioned that the tragic incident has indeed saddened us all. He also added that he has been in touch with the Gujarat Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel, who has assured him of “efforts underway to ensure all possible assistance is provided to those who have been affected.”


However, PM Modi’s tweet met with rather criticism on the social media platform. One of the users on the platform noted that the PM’s tweet lacked the details. The user also claimed the tragedy at TRP Gaming Zone to be “man made”. It added that eight more kids are still missing, while the rescue operations are underway. “First of all: when was the last mandatory safety check done? Dismiss those responsible. Not just the lower level officials,” read the tweet.