PM Modi urges voters to “vote in record numbers” in the Tripura elections of 2023

PM Modi urged voters to participate in record numbers in the ongoing Tripura state assembly elections to enhance the festival of democracy by casting as many votes as possible.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has asked the people of Tripura to cast their votes in record numbers and enhance the festival of democracy as they head to the polls on Thursday to pick who will fill 60 seats in the state legislature and form the state’s next government.

In a recent tweet, Prime Minister Modi urged citizens to exercise their right to vote in order to set a new record for voter turnout. He added that voting would improve India’s democracy. He placed a particular emphasis on encouraging the state’s youth to register and cast ballots.


“Urging the people of Tripura to vote in record numbers and strengthen the festival of democracy. I specially call upon the youth to exercise their franchise,” on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi tweeted.

Voters must select a candidate for their seat in the state election, who is likely running under the banner of the Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP), together with its allies the Indigenous Peoples Front of Tripura (IPFT), the Congress-CPI(M), the All India Trinamool Congress (TMC), TIPRA Motha, etc. The saffron party is running for 55 seats, while its ally IPFT is running for the final five. Another party, TIPRA Motha, made the decision to run unopposed in 42 of the state’s 60 constituencies.

The current state assembly elections will primarily be decided by the tribally dominant seats in the state. There are 20 seats in Tripura that are primarily held by tribal people. Along with other parties, the CPI (M) will run for 43 seats, while its Left Front allies Forward Block, RSP, and CPI will each run for one.

On 13 seats, the Indian National Congress will run for office. The TMC, however, will contest 28 seats. There will be 58 candidates running on their own.