PM Modi to chair NITI Aayog’s Governing Council meeting on May 27; Here’s what’s on the agenda

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will lead discussions on the economy, agriculture, and health during the NITI Aayog’s Governing Council meeting, scheduled for May 27.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to chair the upcoming Governing Council meeting of NITI Aayog on May 27, as per official sources. The meeting will focus on key issues related to the economy, agriculture, and health, among others. NITI Aayog’s Governing Council comprises Chief Ministers, Lieutenant Governors of Union Territories, and several Union ministers, with Modi serving as the Chairman.

Traditionally held annually, the full council meeting was last conducted on August 7, 2022, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the council meeting was not convened in 2020. The inaugural meeting of the council took place on February 8, 2015, marking an important milestone in the establishment of NITI Aayog.


The Governing Council meeting serves as a platform for high-level discussions on various aspects of governance and policy-making. With the participation of Chief Ministers, Lieutenant Governors, and Union ministers, the council provides a forum for collaboration and decision-making on critical issues concerning the nation’s development.

During the upcoming meeting, the focus will be on addressing pressing matters related to the economy, agriculture, and health. These sectors play crucial roles in shaping India’s growth trajectory, ensuring the well-being of its citizens, and driving sustainable development.

As India continues to navigate through the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic and aims for a robust recovery, the deliberations at the NITI Aayog’s Governing Council meeting will hold significant importance. It provides an opportunity for key stakeholders to come together, exchange ideas, and devise strategies that promote inclusive growth, enhance agricultural productivity, and strengthen healthcare infrastructure.

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, the council meeting serves as a platform for collective decision-making, policy formulation, and coordination between the central and state governments. It reflects the government’s commitment to participatory governance and cooperative federalism, fostering a spirit of collaboration and synergy in nation-building.

The forthcoming meeting of NITI Aayog’s Governing Council is anticipated to yield fruitful discussions and outcomes, setting the course for progressive reforms and initiatives in crucial sectors that are vital for India’s socio-economic development.