PM Modi hold talks with European Commission President von der Leyen

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and EU Commission President con der Leyen met and discussed climate, trade, digital technology, and people-to-people tie-ups.

The two leaders discussed new ways of engagement and deepen the ties between India and Europe. The majority of the areas that were discussed in the meeting were climate, trade, digital technology, and people-to-people tie-ups. Political implications caused due to Ukraine war too were discussed in the strategic discussion and both the leaders agreed on the economic damages being caused due to Ukraine crisis. Leyen has confirmed that India and the EU are all set to launch the EU-India Trade and Technology Council.

The council will work on enabling sustainable progress in the European and Indian economies. It will also help in driving the opportunities for technical work by ensuring hassle-free political decisions. Recently, UK PM Borris Johnson too met PM Modi on his visit to India. Both sides discussed a resolution to the Ukraine crisis and promised to deepen economic and cultural tie-ups between the two countries.

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