PM Modi emphasises on production of millets

Prime Minister Narendra Modi exhorted MPs to work to promote the good health connected to millets and sports during his speech at the BJP parliamentary party gathering here on Tuesday.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday asked the Members of the Parliament of BJP to promote millet and sports. The Prime Minister drew a parallel between growing millet and patriotism saying that popularizing the growth of millet amounts to patriotism. The Prime Minister was speaking at the BJP parliamentary party meeting.

Narendra Modi on the occasion also asked MPs to use millet in the meetings hosted by them. Prime Minister also said that millets can also be used in anganwadis, schools, homes and government meetings.


The Prime Minister also underlined that the United Nations has yielded to his request of making high-nutrition grains a popular choice of food. 2023 has been declared as International Year for millets.

India is hosting the G20 meeting this year where large number of delegates would be introduced to the millet. Millets are going to be on the menu of discussion during the discussions. Millets are also expected to feature in the all-MPs lunch to be hosted by the government on Tuesday.
According to the prime minister over, millet is grown by a large number of small farmers, 85% of small farmers grow millet. Prime Minister noted underlined that a hike in millets consumption would help such farmers financially.
Prime Minister also asked MPs to promote indigenous sports like kabbadi, the party of late has hosted the sports meet. The production of millets has seen a spike in production recently: millet production increased from 14.5 million in 2015-16 to 17.96 in 2020-21. India, China and Nigeria are the highest producers of millet.