Nobel Prize: Is PM Modi really up for the win? Here’s the factual truth

According to Asle Toje, PM Modi would experience a historic moment if he were to receive the Nobel Prize. Later Nobel Committee member Asle Toje mentioned that a fake tweet has been posted that PM Modi might be considered for the Nobel Prize. ‘I completely deny saying it,’ Toje added.

According to Asle Toje, Prime Minister Narendra Modi of India would experience a historic moment if he were to receive the Nobel Prize since, he is currently the most believable representative of peace in the world, according to the deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee. Toje continued by saying how much he admires the Indian prime minister.

Toje continued by saying that PM Modi is a dependable leader with the capacity to prevent conflict between belligerent nations and promote peace.


India is becoming into a wealthy and powerful nation, according to Toje, in large part as a result of the policies PM Modi has put in place. Toje emphasized that it would be a momentous occasion for the deserving leader if PM Modi were to receive the Nobel Prize.

The Nobel Prize is one of the most prestigious honors in the world, honoring those who have made outstanding achievements to promoting peace and resolving conflicts, thus Toje’s assertion carries a lot of weight. PM Modi’s name has already been suggested multiple times for the Nobel Prize.

Through numerous projects like the International Yoga Day and the International Solar Alliance, many people have pushed for him to receive the renowned prize for his work in fostering economic growth, lowering poverty, and enhancing international relations.

PM Modi received the renowned Seoul Peace Prize in 2018 for his contributions to international collaboration and promoting global economic growth, which was a notable accomplishment. He was the first Indian to receive the prize in 28 years; it had previously been given to 13 deserving people from around the world. Every two years, those who have significantly improved the balance of power and promoted international peace are given the Seoul Peace Prize. It’s interesting to note that many previous winners of this award went on to win the Nobel Prize, which sparked speculation that PM Modi would do the same in that particular year.

But later a shocking twist came when Toje referred to it as fake tweet. Reacting to the rumors around PM Narendra Modi being a strong contender for the Nobel Prize this year, Deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee Asle Toje claimed that ‘it is absolutely phoney’.

A fake tweet, according to Toje, was sent out,  ‘let’s not discuss it or give it more oxygen. I categorically deny that I said anything resembling’.

When discussing the reason for his visit, he stated, “I am not in India as Deputy leader of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, I am here as a Director of International peace and understanding and as a friend of India.”

Toje, however, praised the Indian Prime Minister for stating during the Russia-Ukraine conflict that “this is not the era of war” and for that,

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that ‘this is not the era of war’ was an expression of hope. India has given signals that this is not how we should resolve world disputes today. PM Modi has the worth majority of the world’s population behind him,”speaking to ANI, Toje stated.

On Russia-Ukraine war, he stated, “War in Ukraine is a tragedy. This is the war that needs to be brought to the end. All nations and countries of goodwill should try to find a solution and that regard intervention by India to remind Russia of the consciousness of the actual use of nuclear weapons was very helpful,” he continued.

Toje claimed that PM Modi has the backing of the majority of people on earth and that India has sent a message that international problems should not be settled through military force. He thanked India for stating its position in a cordial manner without threatening anyone and urged all nations and countries of good will to find a resolution to the problem.

“India didn’t speak in a very loud voice and didn’t threaten anybody, it just made its point known in a friendly manner. India is one of the primary powers of the world, “we need more of that in International politics,” Toje said.

(With inputs from agencies)