Mumbai Sessions Court quashes suspended DCP Saurabh Tripathi’s plea

For 2 months now Saurabh Tripathi has been appearing with the ongoing preliminary inquiry.

Today, Mumbai Sessions Court has quashed the plea of the suspended DCP Saurabh Tripathi, looking for a preliminary inquiry report given by the Mumbai police much before FIR was registered in the Angadia money laundering case. Judge RM Sadrani was the one who rejected his plea.

To this defense lawyer, Aniket Nikam for Saurabh Tripathi argued that the FIR had all the summary of the preliminary inquiry. ” I do not understand why is it being delayed, I am not looking for sweeping statements, CCTV grabs or CDR, I am only looking for the preliminary inquiry report,” he stated.

For 2 months now Saurabh Tripathi has been appearing with the ongoing preliminary inquiry. Aniket begs to differ why his deposition is not being shared with him or the court? If they share the reports how will they be preconceived? Why was the report withheld and not the FIR? Aniket asked agitatedly.

Aniket repeatedly gave all the sources to support his side of the story and claimed that he was entitled to a clear report.

So Anikets request gets quashed by the counselor Abhijit Gondwal opposing Saurabh Tripathi’s plea stating that the probe is still underway. Gondwal responded, ” Reports are kept confidential, and is the professional right of the Inquiry Officer, and why did Tripathi not knock on the doors of the inquiry officer and instead asked the court to give the report? ”

Moving on to the officer probing into the Angadia money extraction case, ACP Shashikant Sandbhor stated, ” The preliminary inquiry report has explicit details of CCTV footage, digital pieces of evidence and I am in no mood to give this report out to be tampered with. It has several witnesses as well.”

Judge RM Sadrani after careful observation of the report submitted by both the parties concluded to reject Saurabh Tripathi’s plea, to which Aniket Nikam requested Sadrani to probe into the report for the sake of clarity.

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