More than 1.8 crore new voters, total 97 crore voters: EC

Election Commission of India is on the verge of announcing Lok Sabha election dates. The Election Commission of India addressed over 100 reporters on March 16 to announce the schedule Lok Sabha 2024. With the current ruling government’s tenure ending on June 16, the schedule announcement was awaited.

Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar shared the following statistics:


India has 970 million voters as of the latest voter data and over 10.5 lakh polling stations have been established across the country. Around 1.5 crore polling and security officers have been employed to conduct the elections. According to an administrator, 55 lakh Electronic Voting Machines and 4 lakh vehicles had been deployed for transport. The refinement of the electoral roster led to a total figure of 96.8 crore eligible voters.

The voter list encompasses 88.4 lakh individuals with disabilities, alongside 82 lakh citizens aged above 80 years, with an additional 2.18 lakh individuals over a 100 years old.