List of most powerful passports released, India ranks 87th

The Henley passport index released its global passport rankings with Japan on top and India ranking at the 87th place.

The Henley Passport Index is the authoritative ranking of all the passports in the world according to the number of destinations a holder can travel to without a prior visa. The index ranks 199 different passports every year.

The Japanese passport has retained its top spot since 2018 after dethroning Germany. The Japanese can access 193 countries without applying for a visa.


Singapore and South Korea are joint holders of the second spot as both the nations’ citizens have visa access to 190 countries.

India’s ranking in 2020 was 82nd but dropped down to 90th in 2021, fortunately, we see an improvement of three ranks as the Indian passport stands at 87th, allowing its holder visa-free access to 60 countries. Indians have visa-free access to Serbia, Trinidad and Tobago, Serbia, Mauritius and many more.

China has improved by three ranks as well; it stood at 72nd in 2021 and 69th in 2022. Chinese passport holders can travel to 80 countries visa-free.

Pakistan too has seen an improvement in its rankings from 113th to 109th but remains one of the worst ranking passports with its citizens allowed to travel visa-free to just a modest 32 countries.

Afghanistan’s diplomatic ID of travel has been holding the bottom- rank since the inception of the Index.