Kanpur & Agra Metro projects go to Canadian Company Bombardier Inc.

The Indian wing of the Canadian company is reported to have won the bid for rolling stocks in the metro projects of Kanpur and Agra, two of the most important cities in Uttar Pradesh.

Kanpur, Agra Metro projects go to Canadian Company Bombardier Inc. The Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Construction (UPMRC), the government body set up for the smooth functioning of the Metro Rail Construction in the state, awarded the contract for testing and commissioning of 201 metro cars, along with other auxiliary aspects of the same such as signalling and train control system to the coveted Canadian rolling stock company Bombardier inc’s Indian operations wing Bombardier India.

According to an official statement procured by the Livemint, Bombardier Transport India has bagged a contract for the supply of 67 trains of three cars each for Kanpur and Agra Metro projects.

This news is of greater importance as the other entities in the fray, bidding for the contract, CRRC Nanjing Puzhen Co. Ltd.(A Chinese Company) was disqualified from the process. The CRRC is the largest rolling stock manufacturing company. Which in the world leaving former leader and European companies Alstom and SIEMENS behind.

Metro For The Future

As of now, Uttar Pradesh has Lucknow Metro Rail. Moreover, with one active line in the state. Lucknow Metro which started in 2017. After being under construction for  3 years from 2014 is one of the fastest constructed rapid transit projects in the country.

In a statement to Business Standard. Furthermore, the UPMRC managing director, Kumar Keshav said. “The MRTS (mass rail transit system) in Kanpur and Agra is characterised. By a short inter-station distance of one km between the stations. Since having a maximum design speed of 90 kmph and schedule speed of 80 kmph.”

Bombardier. Which was lowest bidder of all has substantial history with the Indian rail and rapid transit story. Also as the company was initially responsible for providing rolling stocks for Delhi Metro. And has also provided the Mumbai suburban network with Bombardier trains. Which is soon after the Siemens models.


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