Is Uttar Pradesh en route to becoming Industrial Hub ? Microsoft to invest in Greater Noida

The words and the promises of the Governments, both at the center and in the state seem to be coming true, as the first signs of India being a feasible destination for investment come to pass.


Microsoft, one of the leading tech companies in the world, through its Indian Wing’s Managing Director and corporate president, Mr. Rajiv Kumar has assured of building a world-class information technology in the outskirts of Delhi, in greater Noida. This, as Kumar in a virtual meeting with Siddharth Nath Singh, the Investment, Export Promotion, and MSME minister of UP,  Mr. Kumar, assured the minister of incepting a fully fortified technology fortress of campus with a strength of 4000 people in the area.

The minister, according to the available sources, is said to have already earmarked a piece of land for the purpose in Greater Noida and Yamuna Express Highway, which will be visited by the company representatives.

As of today, the company has IT campuses in the city of Hyderabad, with a strength of 5000 and another on in the city of Bengaluru, with a strength of 2000.

These developments, come along with some other economically important developments for the state of Uttar Pradesh, as, TCS (TATA) has been in the process of putting up campuses, alongside Wipro, who already have a campus in the same area.

These reports come as a relief to the authorities, as,  Uttar Pradesh, alongside Bihar and West Bengal, have been worst hit by the recent migrant crisis, that broke loose as a corollary to the lockdown, that was implemented in the country in order to curtail the spread of the COVID19 virus.

Uttar Pradesh has traditionally been a state known for its magnanimous export of workforce to other states in the country, this particular ecosystem has always been under question, although it was not until the advent of the pandemic, hat it came to the fore.

The tranch of cities, including Noida and  Ghaziabad, although relatively more industrial than the rest of the state, have benefited from its neighbor, Delhi’s economic prominence in the area. Therefore, these updates could boost the confidence of people in authorities, and more importantly the authority’s faith in themselves


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