International Yoga Day: BJP MP Pragya Thakur to host Yoga session

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Parliament member Pragya Singh Thakur will virtually host a Yoga session that Parliamentary Research and Training  Institute for Democracies is organizing on the International Yoga Day for lawmakers on Sunday.

In a bulletin, Lok Sabha Secretariat informed the lawmakers about the sessions and lectures on Yoga.


Yoga instructor Ami Desai will lead the first session as part of the programme. Sumedhanand Saraswati, the Parliament member from Rohtak, will hold a session titled “Yoga and Meditation for Holistic Well Being”. Thakur, a member of Parliament from Bhopal, will host the session “Yoga: A Way of Life”.

Thakur who returned to her constituency from New Delhi after almost sour months alleged that she was suffering health issues due to torture by congress. However, Congress leader PC Sharma rejected her allegations.

“I sustained several injuries due to torture by the Congress and these injuries have resurfaced. There was a formation of pus and swelling in my eyes and brain. I have blurred vision in the right eye and can’t see at all from the left one. But still, I tried to help people of my constituency during the Covid-19 crisis through the Helpline,” Thakur told.

“I was away only because of Lockdown and to follow the norms imposed by the government. I had to stay in Delhi during the parliament session as Prime Minister Narendra Modi issued a whip to all the members. Later, I could not find any transportation to reach here with her security and staff as I could not get tickets on time due to travel restriction,” she said.