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US President Joe Biden invited for the Republic Day celebration

On 26 January 2024, US President Joe Biden was invited by PM Modi during the bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit. The invitation to a foreign leader on Republic Day is reserved for India’s closest partners. Since the last two years, there has been no chief guest due to the disruption caused by the Covd-19. There has been excessive speculation about India hosting a Quad summit during the Republic Day celebration. Still, there has been no confirmation from US officials that a meeting would be held among India, Australia and Japan. 

Suppose the US President accepts the invitation to India’s next Republic Day celebration. In that case, it will be the second time the US President has become the chief guest of the Republic Day celebration. The invitee is chosen through a combination of foreign policy and economic priorities, where the invitation of Biden reflects the rapid growth of the India-US strategic partnership. 


India’s focus for the next year is improving the global value chain, increasing financial stability debt sustainability and extending the adaption of renewable energy. The successful implementation of all this would not be possible without the US’s support, which plays a pivotal role in defence, technology, cyberspace, education, trade, energy, and healthcare. India is also extending its support by offering a UPI-based system to improve financial inclusion among countries. The recent visit by our Prime Minister Narendra Modi also reflects the strategic trust developed over the years.