“There’s threat in expanding relations with India, it’s possibility,” says Israel’s Ambassador to India

On 28th January, a low-intensity IED blast took place near the Israeli Embassy in the heart of Lutyens’ Delhi on Friday evening. No one was injured. Some cars were damaged in the explosion that occurred about 150 metres from the embassy on Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Road in the high-security Lutyens’ bungalow zone. The investigation has been handed over to NIA by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Today, Ambassador of Israel to India, Ron Malka said that agencies are conducting investigations and results are awaited. Collaboration between Israel & India in many aspects including counter-terrorism has been there for a long time.


Ron Malka added that the blast on the day that marked 29 years of India-Israel relations could not be a coincidence. He said someone wants to send a message or they don’t like collaboration between the two nations but the India-Israel friendship is steadily and rapidly growing.