Princess Leonor: Heir to Spanish throne makes historic pledge to the constitution

Congress of Deputies, Princess Leonor of Spain has sworn allegiance to the Constitution.

Her Royal Highness Princess Leonor of Spain, Princesa da Asturias swore allegiance to the Constitution, marking a significant milestone in her journey towards her future role as Queen. The ceremony took place on the day of her 18th birthday, symbolizing her transition into adulthood and her acceptance of the responsibilities that come with her title.

The Congress of Deputies, a historic site that has witnessed numerous pivotal events in Spain’s history, served as the backdrop for this significant occasion. The atmosphere was charged with anticipation as Princess Leonor, dressed in an attire befitting the solemnity of the occasion, prepared to take the oath.


As she swore allegiance to the Constitution, Princess Leonor pledged to uphold the democratic principles it embodies and to serve the people of Spain. The act of swearing allegiance to the Constitution is a tradition for members of Spain’s royal family when they come of age, signifying their commitment to their duties and responsibilities.

Members of the royal family, government officials, and other dignitaries attended the event to witness this historic moment together. The solemnity and significance of the ceremony marked Princess Leonor’s weighty commitment.

Princess Leonor starts this new phase of her life, the whole nation is hopeful and has high expectations of her. Her swearing-in, indeed, is not just a personal milestone. It also serves as a symbol of continuity for Spain’s parliamentary monarchy.