PM Sheikh Hasina: “We take immediate action whenever minorities are attacked in Bangladesh”

PM Hasina says in an ANI interview ahead of her visit to India.

In the midst of reports of ongoing attacks on Hindu minorities in Bangladesh, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina assured that her government strongly supports secularism and that any attempts to disrupt communal harmony will be dealt with immediately.

Hasina was speaking to ANI ahead of a trip to India. “We always prioritise that as long as we are in power, and I always tell them [the minority] that you are our citizens. It’s a terrible situation, but as you know, it’s not just Bangladesh; minorities have suffered in India as well “she stated.


There have been reports of attacks and hostility directed at Bangladesh’s minority Hindu population. According to some reports, attacks on Durga Puja pandals or places of worship have occurred. When asked about incidents of attacks on the Hindu minority population, Hasina said it was important for countries to show magnanimity.

“I believe that both countries should demonstrate their magnanimity, as Bangladesh is a secular country with many religions. And there is a lot of religious harmony here. So one or two incidents that occur immediately… especially my party… my party people are very aware of it, as is my government. We take immediate action, “She stated.

Last month, in response to incidents of violence in some parts of Bangladesh, Hasina said to minority Hindus that they had the same rights as her. She said this on the occasion of Janamashtmi. Previously, there were reports from southwestern Bangladesh that Hindu temples, shops, and homes had been burglarized.

While some incidents occurred, Hasina told ANI that Bangladesh has a tradition in which people of all religions participate in all celebrations.