Donald Trump launches Communication platform through his own website

Former American President Trump launches a communication room on his website where he would share content to be disseminated by others on various media platforms. Though, various social media platforms have already barred Trump’s account.

Former US President Donald Trump, on Wednesday, devised a special room on his website through which he would share messages that can be further disseminated by others on Twitter and Facebook as well.


Although, the two social media platforms Facebook and Twitter have already spurned Trump’s account. In the wake of the violent protests held at the White House, USA, a few social media platforms had barred Donald Trump’s account from their respective platforms.

Trump’s senior adviser, Jason Miller, tweets and informs that the collection of posts was not the social media platform that Trump will be launching.

“We’ll have additional information coming on that front in the near future”, tweets Miller.

In addition to this, Facebook Inc and Twitter have removed some of the posts from their platforms claiming that those were not in accordance with their decision to keep Trump barred.

Although, a Twitter spokesperson specified that sharing content from Trump’s website would be permitted as long as it doesn’t violate or hoodwink Twitter’s rules.

He also added that Twitter will continue diving into such cases. However, how Facebook is going to treat such content remains unclear.

Twitter was massively used by former American President Trump. He had 88 million followers. Now, the ban on him would remain permanent even he rushes to the office against the same, as per the statement issued by Twitter.

Furthermore, Alphabet Inc’s Youtube has made it a point that it will restore Trump’s channel when it gets the assurance that the chances of instigation & violence have gone down.