Indian Navy confiscates narcotics in CTF 150-led Operation Crimson Barracuda

INS Talwar, under CTF 150, seized 940 kg of narcotics from a dhow in Operation Crimson Barracuda. India’s CMF membership showcases its commitment to regional security and counter-drug efforts.

The Indian Naval ship INS Talwar, deployed for maritime security operations in the Western Arabian Sea as part of the Combined Task Force 150, successfully carried out a focused operation named Operation Crimson Barracuda. During this operation on April 13, 2024, the INS Talwar intercepted and apprehended a suspicious dhow (a traditional Arabian sailing vessel).

The Navy Spokesperson stated on Tuesday that the specialist boarding teams and marine commandos (MARCOs) from INS Talwar had seized 940 kilograms of contraband narcotics from the apprehended dhow. He added that the seized drugs would be disposed of according to the standard operating procedures of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF). The spokesperson highlighted that the focus of Combined Task Force 150, under which INS Talwar was operating, is maritime security and counter-terrorism operations.

In July 2022, India joined the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF), a multi-national naval partnership led by the United States. This partnership aims to promote security, stability, and prosperity across international waters in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Last November, India announced its decision to become a full member of the CMF grouping.

Since then, the Indian Navy has been regularly deploying its ships and aircraft to participate in CMF-led operations, as per reports. Notably, in September 2022, the Indian Navy took part in its inaugural exercise with the CMF as an associate partner. The INS Sunayna participated in Operation Southern Readiness, a capacity-building exercise conducted in Seychelles from September 24 to 27, 2022.

India’s membership in the CMF and its active participation in joint operations and exercises demonstrate its commitment to ensuring maritime security and fostering regional cooperation in the Indian Ocean Region.

Through its relentless efforts as a partner in the CMF, the Indian Navy has reaffirmed its unwavering commitment to maintaining a drug-free environment in the region. This operation exemplifies India’s dedication to curbing the menace of drug trafficking and ensuring a secure maritime neighbourhood.