Indian Embassy Employee Arrested in Meerut for Alleged Espionage on Behalf of ISI

The Uttar Pradesh Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) has apprehended Satendra Siwal, an employee of the Indian Embassy in Moscow, in Meerut, for his alleged involvement in espionage on behalf of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI. Siwal, identified as a Multi-Tasking Staff (MTS) in the Ministry of External Affairs, was reportedly lured by ISI handlers offering financial incentives in exchange for sensitive information related to the Indian Army.

The ATS initiated the operation based on intelligence received from confidential sources, indicating that ISI was attempting to recruit Indian Ministry of External Affairs employees for obtaining critical information. The information exchanged was deemed to pose a significant threat to India’s internal and external security.


Hailing from Shahmahiuddinpur village in Hapur, Siwal was accused of exploiting his position within the Indian Embassy in Moscow to extract confidential documents. Motivated by financial gain, he allegedly shared critical information concerning the strategic activities of the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of External Affairs, and Indian military establishments with ISI handlers.

“The ATS was receiving intelligence from various confidential sources that the handlers of the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI, through some persons, were luring the employees of the Ministry of External Affairs with money to obtain strategically and strategically important information related to the Indian Army that is likely to pose a huge threat to the internal and external security of India,” stated the ATS in an official statement.

Following extensive intelligence gathering and surveillance, Siwal was interrogated at the ATS Field Unit in Meerut. Failing to provide satisfactory answers, he eventually confessed to his involvement in spy activities. Siwal had been serving as an India Based Security Assistant (IBSA) at the Indian Embassy in Moscow since 2021.

An FIR has been registered against Siwal under sections related to waging war against the country and the Official Secrets Act. The Ministry of External Affairs acknowledged Siwal’s arrest and is collaborating with investigative authorities in the ongoing case.