“India will play a key role in developing and scaling up production of COVID-19 vaccine”, says PM Narendra Modi


In his inaugural address at the India Global Week, a virtual conference organized in the UK, PM Modi emphasized on India’s role in the fight against Coronavirus. He stated that India will play a key role in developing and scaling up production of the COVID-19 vaccine, once it is discovered.

“Vaccines made in India are responsible for 2/3rd of the vaccine needs of the world’s children” said PM Modi. He also reminded everyone of the contribution that India is trying to make towards bringing the pandemic towards an end.

This statement by the Prime Minister comes after the Indian Council for Medical Research and many other republic and private agencies have been invested in development of a vaccine for the novel Coronavirus. These agencies are currently in their human trials stage of development of vaccines. The results of which are expected to be declared by mid-August.

PM Modi said “The pandemic has once again shown that India’s pharma industry is an asset not just for India but for the entire world. It has played a leading role in reducing the cost of medicines, especially for the developing countries”.

He further asserted that “we are already seeing green-shoots of economic recovery. He also boasted about the openness of the Indian economy, the talented workforce and Indians’ “spirit to achieve what is believed to be impossible”. 

He concluded his address by appreciating the Indian workforce and called them a “powerhouse of talent”. He also assured that India will play a leading role in the “story of global revival”.

The Global India Week 2020 is a three day virtual conference being organized in the UK. The theme of the conference is ‘Be The Revival: India and a Better New World’.

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