India suggests making the African Union a full G20 member

India has advocated for the developing countries to have a louder role in the G20’s discussions throughout its one-year presidency.

According to people with knowledge of the situation, India has suggested granting the African Union full participation at the G20 for the group’s next September meeting in Delhi. It is reported that Indian Prime Minister Modi has brought up the idea with his G20 peers.

India has advocated for a stronger voice for the developing countries in the G20’s discussions throughout its one-year presidency. In order to provide developing nation viewpoints to the G20, it held the Voices of the Global South meeting in January 2023.


“The 55 member states that make up the nations of the African Continent make up the African Union (AU), a continental organisation. According to the organization’s website, it was formally introduced in 2002 as a replacement for the Organisation of African Unity (OAU, 1963–1999).

The major objective of the association is to “accelerate the political and socio-economic integration of the continent.”

Additionally, it emphasises supporting and defending shared African perspectives on important topics as well as fostering international collaboration, defending human rights, and encouraging these stances. The sole member of the G20 at the moment is an African nation—South Africa.

The status previously accorded to the European Union is mirrored in India’s plan to award full membership to the African Union. Germany, France, and Italy are the only three EU members now a part of the organisation.

India’s action is in line with its goals of positioning itself as the leader of the Global South. Food security, economic weaponization, debt alleviation, and climate change are just a few of the important issues that India has pushed for debate on during its G20 Presidency.