“India Stands United”: Amit Shah tweeted, Tendulkar and others follow the trend


On Tuesday Rihanna tweeted to her 100 million followers: “Why aren’t we talking about this?” and shared an article on the farmers’ protest by US news outlet CNN. Following the trend, other international celebrities tweeted about the same concern.

However, Sachin Tendulkar, Indian former international cricketer tweeted on Wednesday evening exclaiming that India’s sovereignty cannot be compromised and external forces can only be spectators but participants.

The tweet is a backfire to the international tweets that took place lately. Rihanna’s tweet also triggered a furious pushback against the singer including an abusive reply by actor Kangana Ranaut, responses from actors like Akshay Kumar, Suniel Shetty and Ajay Devgn, filmmaker Karan Johar, and a number of union ministers.

Home Minister Amit Shah this evening became the senior-most member of the government to warn of the “temptation of sensationalist social media hashtags and comments” – a response to the wave of support for farmers protesting the new agriculture laws, a wave generated by a six-word tweet from pop star Rihanna.

“No propaganda can deter India’s unity! No propaganda can stop India to attain new heights! Propaganda can not decide India’s fate only ‘Progress’ can. India stands united and together to achieve progress,” Mr Shah tweeted.

The pushback followed a formal response from the government – a response that did not mention Rihanna but highlighted “vested interest groups trying to enforce their agenda… tried to mobilise international support against India…”

The centre insists the laws will be beneficial and won’t repeal them. Instead, an 18-month stay was offered after the Supreme Court stopped implementation for two years but turned down.