India advises its stranded citizens to leave Kyiv urgently

The Indian embassy said that Ukraine has started special trains for stranded Indians to evacuate from Kyiv and other regions of Ukraine.

The Indian embassy in its official statement mentioned that the Ukraine Railways will run special trains for safely evacuating Indians out of Kyiv. Earlier Indian embassy had asked Indians to leave Ukraine temporarily in its first directorate on 15th February.

Same-day in New Delhi addressing a press conference, Arindam Bagchi, spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) revealed that close to 2000 Indian nationals were in the capital city of Kyiv, these were mostly medical students studying in various universities in Ukraine.


In their Twitter post, the Indian Embassy urged all Indian nationals to immediately without any further delay to evacuate from Kyiv and other parts of the region ‘today’, by the special trains in operation by the Ukrainian railways or any other safe possible means.

On Tuesday the Indian embassy asked its nationals to urgently leave Kyiv as the Russian troops are coming straight to Kyiv in a heavily loaded military convoy including Russian tanks and other offensive equipment.

Arindam Bagchi also requested the Indian Nationals to move to the western region of Ukraine from Kyiv. Already 400 Indian students have been evacuated through Indian operations efforts.