Hyderabad horror: Stunning video shows a speeding automobile ramming into early-morning walkers, leaving three people dead

Accident in Hyderabad: The driver fled the scene after leaving the car running and three people, including a mother and daughter, were killed.

Three individuals were killed and four others were injured after a speeding automobile ploughed into a group of people out for a morning stroll on Bandlaguda road in Hyderabad. According to media accounts, the victims, who included a mother and a child, died at the scene of the accident from their wounds. Before striking the three women out on their morning stroll, a speeding automobile is seen swerving on the road. Soon after the incident, the police received a distress call and quickly drove to the scene. The deceased are thought to be Shanti Nagar Colony inhabitants.



The injured were sent to the hospital right away to receive medical care. The mortuary at Osmania Hospital received their bodies after that. A case has been filed in relation to the incident, and an investigation is ongoing. According to eyewitnesses, the collision was caused by the automobile overspeeding and the driver losing control.

More information is awaited.