Hillary Clinton sides with India on border dispute with China; asks India to call Russian aggression in Ukraine “absolutely wrong”

Hillary Clinton on Thursday termed India’s border skirmishes with China “very disturbing” and called for the US to pay more attention to the issue.

Hillary Clinton while siding with India on its border disputes with China, called for India to be firm on its stance on Russian aggression in Ukraine as “absolutely wrong”. Clinton called India’s demands from Russia “very minuscule” and India has all the rights to make the best decision for itself but it should be crystal clear on its stance against Russian aggression.

The former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said on Thursday while talking at the India Economic Conclave termed India’s border disputes with China disturbing and sided with India. “US supports whatever India does to defend itself”. Clinton also fired shots at China after invading Taiwan. She warned China of US sanctions could push their economy back by decades and any such move like Russia could only make China regret its aggression in Taiwan. The US slapped Russia with stringent sanctions after it invaded Ukraine on February 24.

“It is important to recognise that India is held in very high regard as a nation whose position matters. If Russia is looking around desperately (to) find somebody somewhere who is going to be neutral or be helpful… We are hoping that India will be firmer in making clear that this (the Russian aggression) is absolutely wrong,” said Hillary Clinton.

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