Here are the key decisions taken in PM Modi’s virtual meet with top officials today

Prime Minister chaired a meeting today with the officials in which several decisions were taken regarding acceleration of the oxygen supply in the country.

Prime Minister Modi, today, chaired a meeting with the officials to view the availability of oxygen and medicines in the country.

Sources of the government say that multiple steps decided to be taken in order to mount the supply & availability of oxygen in India. Also, PM expressed his concern over the situation of human resources in the country.


In order to grant a pace to the effective Covid management, the decision to incentivize the MBBS pass-outs may be taken, as per the sources of government.

In addition to this, with a view to ramp up the oxygen supply, industries like steel plants, refineries with petrochemical units, industries using a rich combustion process, power plants, etc have oxygen plants that produce gaseous oxygen, that could be put into medical use, according to the PMO.

The PMO also mentions that Gol has explored the feasibility of conversion of existing nitrogen plants to produce oxygen.


Well, in the meeting, a discussion was held regarding the procedure of converting the PSA nitrogen plants to make them capable of producing oxygen. The PMO also mentioned that Carbon Molecular Sieve is used in nitrogen plants whereas Zeolite Molecular Sieve is required to produce oxygen. Therefore, by replacing CMS with ZMS and making a few more altercations, nitrogen plants could be converted in such a way that they’re capable of producing oxygen.

Furthermore, 14 industries are under the process of conversion. 37 industries have also been identified to assist the country with oxygen requirements, as per the information by the PMO.

Again, discussing the location of the plant, it was decided that the plants for the production of oxygen could be shifted near a hospital. In case, if it is not feasible, plants can be used for on-site production, though transportation will be done through specialized vessels/cylinders; as per the information provided by the PMO.