Helicopter carrying pilgrims makes emergency landing near Kedarnath temple

In an early morning scare, a helicopter transporting seven individuals, including pilgrims, had to perform an emergency landing near Uttarakhand’s sacred Kedarnath temple today.

The incident occurred after the aircraft encountered a technical glitch shortly after takeoff.


According to officials, the helicopter, which departed from the Sirsi helipad, experienced difficulties related to its rear motor. Promptly responding to the situation, the pilot skillfully maneuvered the helicopter to land safely just a few meters away from the designated helipad at Kedarnath.

District Magistrate Saurabh Gaharwar confirmed that all seven passengers, comprising six pilgrims and the pilot, emerged unharmed from the incident. He commended the pilot’s quick thinking, which prevented a potentially disastrous outcome.

“The pilot’s decisive actions averted a major mishap. Everyone is safe, and the pilgrims even managed to complete their visit to the temple,” stated Gaharwar. The incident unfolded around 7 a.m. this morning, raising concerns but ultimately concluding without casualties.