Govt should prepare in advance for 3rd wave of COVID: BSP chief Mayawati

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Chief Mayawati Prabhu Das on Friday asked the governments to make preparations in advance, especially in rural areas, to effectively deal with a possible third wave of COVID-19.

“Public participation in the coronavirus vaccination can be ensured only when the vaccine is available easily to everyone everywhere. Like the second wave of the coronavirus, preparations should be completed at every level, especially in the rural areas, to save people from a possible third wave,” she said in a tweet in Hindi.


“This is the demand of the BSP from all State governments,” Mayawati added.

In a related tweet, the BSP supremo said it was necessary for the governments in the country to work sincerely towards bringing normal life and the economy back on track.

“It is necessary to solve the public problems arising out of COVID-19 or else the country’s self-reliance will be at risk, and then people will have to face bad days,” she said.