Governor Koshyari says Rs 29,290 crore in GST compensation remains unpaid to Maharashtra

On Monday, Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari said that a huge amount of Rs 29,290 crore in the GST compensation remains unpaid to Maharashtra out of a total of Rs 46,950 crore.

While addressing the joint sitting of members of the state Legislature on the first day of the budget session, Governor Koshyari said, “By the end of February 2021, out of the Rs 46,950 crore due to my government as Goods and Services Tax compensation, the central government has paid just Rs 6,140 crore and Rs 11,520 crore as loan for GST compensation”.

Koshyari noted that the coronavirus-induced lockdown slowed down the state’s economy in addition to medical emergency and natural calamities.

“To stimulate the economy, my government has provided for 75 per cent of the budgetary provision for capital expenditure and released 100 per cent money to the Local Development Fund, DPC schemes and Dongri Vikas Karyakram”, Koshyari said.

The governor said considering the COVID-19 situation and the economic condition, the state government is pursuing with the Centre for increasing its (Union government’s) contribution in the central schemes. He said, “My government took several measures for control and management of the COVID-19 pandemic which have become a model for the rest of the states and even in other countries”.

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