Global Biofuel Alliance launched by PM Modi in G20 summit meeting

In the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration, the G20 nations said that they recognise the importance of sustainable biofuels in their zero and low- emission development strategies

The G20 nations were asked to join the Global Biofuel Alliance after Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced its founding and pleaded with them to increase the global percentage of ethanol in petrol blends to 20%.

The G20 nations acknowledged the value of sustainable biofuels in their zero- and low-emission development objectives and noted the formation of a Global Biofuels Alliance in the G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration.Hardeep Singh Puri, the Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, originally introduced the Global Biofuel Alliance in February during the India Energy.


The Union government had stated that the biofuel alliance would focus on improving markets, easing international commerce in biofuels, generating meaningful policy lesson-sharing, and offering technical help for national biofuel programmes around the world in February during India Energy Week 2023.

Several G20 countries have expressed interest in the Global Biofuel Alliance. A final choice has not yet been made, though.

A source of energy known as biofuel or bio-energy is produced from agricultural and organic materials collectively referred to as biomass. Because they reduce emissions, biofuels are becoming more and more popular, which is quickening the transition to net-zero carbon emission targets.