Fuel price rates remain unchanged for 3 weeks now

Fuel Prices unchanged for almost 3 weeks, check price updates.

New rates for petrol and Diesel were released by the Oil Marketing Companies(OMC) on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. The petrol prices are set at ₹96.72 litre and diesel prices are set at ₹89.62 a litre, across all Indian Oil Petrol Pumps in Delhi. 

The petrol prices have been an unnecessary burden for people across the country for weeks since the start of the Russia-Ukraine War. The unchanged prices have left a breathing space for the common man after a long time. The Central Government has announced a relaxation on the excise duty of petrol and diesel by ₹8 and ₹6 per litre respectively, resulting in the relaxation of at least ₹9.5 and ₹7 in terms of petrol and diesel prices. 


Rates of petrol and diesel in various cities:

DELHI 96.72 89.62
KOLKATA  106.03 92.76
CHENNAI 102.63 94.24
PORT BLAIR  84.10 79.74
MUMBAI  111.35 97.28
LUCKNOW 96.57 89.76


Public sector OCMs such as Hindustan Petroleum Ltd., Indian Oil Corporation, and others are in charge of revising petrol and diesel rates. Following the central government’s drop-in fuel and oil prices, the Odisha government has lowered its rates and cut its state-imposed taxes on petrol and diesel by 2.23 and 1.36 a litre, respectively. Following this, the governments of Kerala and Rajasthan reduced their levies. The prices of petrol and diesel in Kerala have been decreased to $2.41 and $1.36 per litre, respectively. The Rajasthan government, on the other hand, has decreased the vat on petrol and diesel by 2.48 per litre and diesel by 1.16 per litre, respectively.

Further updates are still awaited.