“Exams are not the end. We should not create pressure”: PM Modi in Pariksha Pe Charcha

PM Modi in his annual interaction aimed at boosting the students’ morale and confidence – ahead of the board exams in 2021.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi held – his annual interaction with students, teachers, and parents during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021’ on Wednesday via a video conferencing.

During the interaction, PM Modi aimed at boosting the students’ morale and confidence – ahead of the board exams in 2021. He also advised the students to be confident amid the pressure instilled by schools, parents or relatives.


“You knew of exams. They haven’t come suddenly. It means you’re not scared of exams but of something else. Atmosphere has been created around you that exams are everything. Sometimes schools, parents, relatives create atmosphere that you’ve to undergo a big event, huge crisis”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha 2021’ via video conferencing, reported ANI.

Emphasizing that an exam is just an opportunity, and not an end; PM Modi pointed that “Life is very long, this is just a small halt”. He asserted that parents, teachers should not create pressure.

“I’d like to tell them, especially parents, that what have you done? I think it’s the biggest mistake. We become conscious more than necessary & start over-thinking. I think this it’s not the end. Life is very long, this is just a small halt. We should not create pressure”, PM Modi advised, while addressing the annual interaction.

An NDTV report also quoted the Prime Minister addressing the family’s role in generating this atmosphere and mentioned how parents don’t get involved with their children due to the busy working schedule.

“Today, a lot of parents are so busy. They don’t get involved with their children. To gauge their children’s strengths, they have to check the report card”, PM Narendra Modi said.

Addressing the parents – joined through a conferencing link, the Prime Minister urged them not to burden children of their goals or parameters. He further mentioned, the “first lesson of motivating someone is proper training”. PM Modi also shared a few “modes of training” for the children.

“The first lesson of motivating someone is proper training. Once the mind of the child is trained, the time for motivation begins. There can be several modes of training – good books, good movies, good stories, good poems or good experiences. These are all tools of training”, PM Modi said, reported ANI.

The interaction with PM Modi was registered by more than 10 lakh students, which was held this year via video conferencing, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.