Delhi Police denies claims of lockdown owing to the G20 Meet

The Delhi Police on Thursday i.e. 31st August said that the rumours floating through the city that it will be under lockdown from 8th to 10th September for G20 Summit are “factually not correct.”

Numerous head of states would be flying in and international organisations will be joining. The Delhi Police has made a “controlled zone” in the New Delhi district, according to Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa. The police have also advised people to travel by Delhi metro.


“Regarding the G20 summit, rumours are spreading that Delhi will be under lockdown at that time. It is factually not correct. Bonafide residents of the restricted zone will be allowed to move by displaying a valid ID. No restriction on the movement of essential commodities coming through Delhi borders,” Delhi Police PRO Suman Nalwa informed news agency ANI.

All the security situations though are extremely tight. For real-time traffic updates in the city, the Delhi police on Tuesday had introduced a virtual help desk to assist all the delegates and other tourists visiting the national capital. According to the police, the entire area of the New Delhi district will be a “Controlled Zone-I” from 5 am on 8 September to 11:59 pm on 10 September.

The G20 Summit will be held at the grandiose international convention and exhibition centre – Bharat Mandapam – situated at Pragati Maidan.